*My Top 10 movies of 2016

Hello and welcome to my blog,

I made a new corner , it’s the “movies club”

I love watching movies, it is a fun thing to do, and although I’m a huge movie fan, I tried to make the list short for you, so in case you haven’t seen any of these movies, well don’t waste anytime.

 (the list is not in order)

1/ Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice

This is a great movie if you like science action/fantasy movies, I really enjoyed this one, it shows a war between batman and superman than a reunion between them. 

2/ Deadpool 

 This is a one of the kind movie, it is a funny type of action, NOT familly type of movies, lol  

3/ Zootopia  

This is an animated movie, so adorable, it has many life lessons, it’s a good movie for everyone to see, it sends a good message of not giving up and to try everything, also not to judge a book by its cover.

4/ Finding Dory 

 let’s go back to years before when we watched “Finding Nemo” well this is kind of the second part, this is also an amazing movie, it has so much meaning, it really sends a message about living with a disability and being okay with it, and you can do what everyones else can, I think children needs to see this. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO.

5/ La la land  

it was released the last month, it’s about a man and woman seeking to achieve their dreams in LA than fall in love togather , it’s a romatic /musical  drama movie, I highly recommand this one, it leaves you thinking what if? if you had to give up your life passion for your dreams? how far would you go to make your dreams? and would you give up everything for it! I really enjoyed watching it.


6/ Star Trek: Beyond  

 If you are into space, science fiction and action this is pefect for you, it’s an other journey of Captain Kirk and his crew .

 7/ Passengers 

 This movie is one of my favorites, since I first saw the trailer, alothough it is not released yet, (while I’m wrting this) but it is one of my most antiticipating movies to watch, Romantic/mystery/ fiction. YAS!! 

 9/ The choice 

 I left my 2 best movies for the end, it is based on a book by Nicolas Sparks , it is a drama/ romatic movie you need to WATCH, honestly, it is one of my favorites romactic movies,this will remind you of how precious life is and how we should be more careful about the words we are using and choices we are making, it is a breathtaking story, it is also about not losing hope in the ones we love, and that life can work in a mysterious ways, hate can be turned to love! we should all enjoy today because tomorrow is not promissed.

10/ Me Before You

  An other romantic favorites, it is based on a book by Jojo Moyes, a movie that you need to see ( also a book that you need to read) , it is such an emotional movie, such a deep movie full of life lessons, it sends a message about how we should be thankfull of what we have now, today , the people around us, and appreciate the little things, alos to live life , to do what we love, NOW as we can , today since we have the chance, it’s also such a beautiful love story, it really shows that love can heal pain. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! 

so this is it guys, my top 10 movies of 2016, this is only “my opinion” , each one can have his, so let me know , what are your top 10 movies? (top 10 films que tu as vu cette année? )  let me know in the comments.

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I hope you are having a good day. Xo 



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