Outgrowing Things


I had this delightful chance of meeting one of my friends, we haven’t met about one year or so.. We were close back in high school, after finishing each of us got busy with our studies and we didn’t keep much of in touch; we were close but not as the usual way, we could just not meet in years or talk.. but the moment we do we can tell each other anything; like we can just continue were we left.After a while of time she stopped talking, stared at me and said: “you’ve changed”.

That one word, CHANGE, brought so many thoughts in my head, memories.. I gave her a polite smile… she laughed out loud and said “come on now this is the shy smile you give old people and the ones who don’t know you” I giggled, I was happy that there were at least one person who knows me well, the first thought that came to my mind was outgrowing things, a chain of words went out of my mouth and I couldn’t stop it, like a play bottom was pushed.

“I have outgrown many things; lately, relatives who gladly give criticism instead of support, the ones who envy you on something you work hard to get. I have outgrown my need to meet my family’s expectation or follow their plans for my life, at those who wear masks and secretly rejoice at my mistakes or fallout,  I have outgrown friends who no longer can celebrate my accomplishments , people who disappear just when it gets a bit darker, and the ones who feels pleasure while spreading hate and negativity as I pray not to be one of them no matter how it gets harder, I have outgrown conversations that feel forced , smiles on my face to please my friends or parents, or how the society constantly telling me I’m not good enough, that I’m not beautiful, smart or worthy, I have outgrown anything or anyone that doesn’t enrich the essence of my soul. I have outgrown many things and I never felt freer”

I stopped after these words to see my friend’s face falling to the ground but trying to keep it cheerful, few seconds gone and she screamed ; “you must gone through some real shit” we blasted laughing after this, she hugged me so tight and said: “ we are not our mistakes, or what society says , we are our own choices, we are who we are” … she continued “ as Kesha said” , that song we were obsessed about once it was released, we found it liberating like it filled our longing rebels souls, it was only with this girl that I found it was okay to be slightly different, to be more longing for a life full of adventures, to visit places where humans didn’t corrupt it with smokes and fires, these are the thoughts I cannot share with my family, if I did, I would be the crazy, too dreamy ; my family are people of logic ,they are not the books and enjoy your coffee or tea people,they drink it for the energy, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it will get you to decent places but my heart always screamed for places, to visit, to explore, to know more , to feel more, to discover…


Hey guys I hope you enjoyed reading this post, it was very calming to write it,  I want to make this not only a place for beauty, fashion and lifestyle but a place where we can discuss and share out thoughts, this is a small piece of my thoughts and writings I liked to share it with you,don’t hesitate to leave me a comments, do you relate to this story? changing and outgrowing things? if so,tell me!


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