2017, New chances!

Hello Readers !

2017 is around the corner , a new year, full of chances, we all want to have a good year, but for that you need to look back a while at your 2016 and ask yourself, was it exactly like you wanted it? if yes, than keep on doing what you are doing, if not, let try to help you!

After this video, I want you to grab a piece of paper and write for yourself notes you need to keep in mind.

First of all, you need to be happy with your entourage , If there are some people you have constant problems with,you need to face them and try to make it work and find a solution if not , than maybe it’s a good time to let them go, you also need to eliminate negative people, who are constantly telling you that you can’t ,discouraging you each time, in a simple way, remove toxic people from your life, next make a wish list, chose an aspect of your life that you don’t like so much, and focus on making it better, whether school, personal life, your blog, your health… that remember that you need to reach your goal this time next year, moreover  and I know it may sound cheesy but pick up your best moments in 2016, happy events maybe, family meeting pictures, or friends, and keep them as a positive reminders, so whenever you’ll feel down , or lack of inspiration ,you’ll have your own happy corner, one thing you also can do is to write for yourself a letter, saying what happened in 2016, what changed you, the most important choices you had to make, things that impact you the most and left a mark in your life, you can read it at the end of next year to see what changed, how did you develop as a person, did you reach your goals, next less is always more, you need to make space for new things to come , I’m not saying to give up everything, but it’s the little things that make a difference, so start by your closet, give your old clothes to charity or someone in need, clean your desk,move to your computer and delete the unnecessary pictures and files you don’t need anymore, leave the important, it’s good sometimes to get rid of old stuff, to feel fresh again, and the last one, which is a must to do is that tell the people who helped you during 2016, in your life that you love and cherish them, appreciate having them.

This is it guys, I hope you found this useful , and enjoyed reading it. Tell me in the comments; what have you planned for 2017?  and what was the bravest thing you’ve done in 2016?

Thank you for passing by!





13 thoughts on “2017, New chances!

  1. I really love this blog! I so agree with you on toxic people, in fact I just let go of a toxic friend a few moths ago and my life has really changed for the better!

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