Discount code!

Hello readers,

I’m really happy to announce my first discount code.

Dubai Parfumerie has offered me a discount code for you guys, which I’m excited about.

About Dubai Parfumerie

It’s a brand based in Dubai selling perfumes; the oil ones and the eau de perfume, the shipping is internationally for 10 euro, and only for 5 euro in people based in Europe, they provie all the perfumes available in UAE everywhere in the world, and they will be making their own perfumes in the future.

here’s the link of their website;

let’s get to the important part, my discount code;just use secretlybeautymiss and it will get you 10% off your order.

Important: you can use my code with other codes to get bigger discount.

I found in their website more codes for you to use; such as: “Lancement” to get -10% off, and “Haramain” for -15%. (launching codes, they will be available for only sometime)

Offers; the shipping is free when your order reach 3 products.

  • Important for the order in Algeria;

When I posted on instagram, I got a lot of question from people who don’t have a paypal account or a credit card in Algeria,asking me how can they buy from the website; well you can pay it by post (CCP) , you need to have an account, and you can pay in Algerian Dinar, than all you have to do is send en e-mail to ;, mentioning:

  • the name of the perfume you want.
  • le number you want. (the quantity)
  • the promo codes you want to use. (remember “secretlybeautymiss” will get you 10% off the order).
  • The exact address to deliver to.

You can read about it in their website (in French) using the following link;


*Here are some of their perfumes, make sure to check it out, and save some money using secretlybeautymiss .

Thank you for reading. If you have further questions please let me know in the comments.





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