This or That Beauty TAG

Hello everyone!

I know I’m late to the party, but hey! late better than ever,I saw this tag going on for a while  and I really had fun reading it, so I decided to do it myself, Here we go:



  • Blush or Bronzer:

It has to be blush, especially during winter, my skins becomes pale, need some blush to make it look alive.

  • Lipstick or lipgloss:

Lipstick, I’m not a lipgloss girl I don’t wear it at all, maybe I haven’t found the right one yet, but I always gor for lipstick.


  • Eyeliner or mascara:

Mascara for sure, it’s just easy to apply when you’re in hurry to get to classes (which I’m usually am) 😅 , plus I find that it adds something to my face, makes my eyes look bigger and opens them up.


  • Foundation or Concealer:

This one is hard, but I’ll go with foundation, a good one can help with the dark circles.

  • Neutral or Color Eyeshadow:

Neutral for these days … and everyday , I use wear it more often than colored ones, I find that it is more suitable for school, work, everyday.


  • Pressed or Loose eyeshadow:

Pressed, I’m kind of new to work with eyeshadow makeup, but I found that presses ones are just easy to work with, not messy at all.

  • Brushes or Sponges:

Hands down for sponges, it works well with every foundation, (my opinion), also I feel like it gives a natural look, but only when it comes to foundation/concealer other than that, brushes.


let me start by saying that I’m a nail polish lover, if you follow me on instagram (@secretly_beautymiss) you’ll see that I’m always trying new colors.


  • O.P.I or China Glaze:

I’m going to go with, O.P.I

  • Long or short:

Although I find that long nails are so pretty, I can’t keep them because I always break them, so SHORT.

  • Acrylic or Natural:

Natural. although I do like Acrylic, I just never tried them.

  • Brights or Darks:

Both, however these days I’m more in the dark colors.

  • Flower or No Flower:

No flower.


  • Perfume or Body Splash:


  • Lotion or Body Butter:


  • Body wash or Soap:

definitely body wash.

  • LUSH or Other Bath Company:

Well although.. this will sound weird but I never tried Lush products (we don’t have them here in Algeria :/ ) so, Other bath companies.


  • Jeans or Sweat pants

Jeans, It goes with everything.

  • Long sleeve or Short

Long sleeve of course.

  • Dresses or Skirts:

Umm, Skirts, I really like wearing them, at least when I’m not wearing jeans.

  • Stripes or Plaid:

I’m really happy to answer this: PLAID!! Funny thing when I and my sister go for shopping together I always get so excited when I see plaids, yet she hates them.


  • Flip flops or Sandals:

Sandals, and I don’t wear them a lot, I prefer converses. #ConverseGirl

  • Scarves or Hats:

Scarves, they are one of my favorite accessories to complete a look, these are my latest ones,(cosy for winter)


  • Necklaces or Bracelets:

Bracelets, I’m always on the hunt for new ones, (this is my new one)


  • Heels or Flats:

Although I love heels, so stylish, but I live in flats!

  • Jacket or Hoodie:

Hoodie! a large hoodie would make me so happy.



  • Curly or Straight:

Straight, all the time, occasionally curly.

  • Bun or Ponytail:

Ponytail, it is my signature from middle school I think, I still love it!

  • Hair spray or Gel:

Actually none, I like it to be natural.

  • Long or Short:

Long, I’m kept it long for many years now.

  • Light or Dark:

well, it has to be dark.

  • Side sweep bangs or Full bangs:

Side sweep, I used to love Full bangs but 2 years ago I went for a Taylor Swift bang in the “Red” Era, but the hairstylist made it so short,😤 😩 it was a nightmare waiting for my hair to grow back, although it’s funny remembering how I used to try to cover it in all events 😅.


  • Rain or Shine:

Rain, rainy days are my best days, I don’t take the heat and the sun very well, cold is better for me.


  • Summer or Winter:

Winter! Fashion, cozy in bed, hot chocolate.. everything, but I don’t hate summer, I mean beach, holidays , though in summer, I always look like an oily chicken (people with oily skin can relate lol)

  • Fall or Spring:

Fall, it brings so much memories, and warmth to my heart.


  • Chocolate or Vanilla:

Chocolate, yummm, always good.




This is it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this, I had fun doing this,  love doing tags!

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer: Other than the picture of the scarves and bracelet, the pictures are not mine.

Join me on instagram: @secretly_beautymiss




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