Life Update: Where have I been?


Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote a post, I hope I’ve been missed, where have I been? what I am up to? what’s next? well you’re going to find out!

Well one thing for sure, I missed the WordPress community, I’ve been popping up sometimes to read articles and show some love to my favorite bloggers, (couldn’t stay away) , but I’ve been caught up with preparing to exams that I’m going to pass soon and let me say… it hasn’t been easy at all 😞😖


A lot of scientific words.. chemistry and botanic which is full of spices of plants I have to memorize.. it’s been hard 😩 .

anyway, this is why I’ve gone missing, other than that I’ve been doing good (other that studying) I’ve been testing new products I can’t wait to get back to write about them and share them with you, I’ve been doing reviews on my Instagram, and motivation quotes so make sure to follow me it’s @secretly_beauty miss or just click here

How about you guys? what have you been up to?  and Do you have any advice for me,let me know in the comments!

giphy.gif lol

That’s it for now, wish me luck guys! I miss you all 😘






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