YAY It’s Summer Break

Hello hello hello and welcome or welcome back, I hope everyone is doing well with this heat!



It’s finally here, I’ve waited months to say this: NO MORE EXAMS, it’s SUMMER BREAK!

No more lectures, no homework, no exam, no papers to deliver, no deadlines, no projects.

Papers in the air

more sleep, more ME time, more books to read! YAS!! sounds good to me!


Yesterday, was the last exams of this school year,  and I’m SO READY for a BREAK!

No more waking up at 5 am, dozens of alarms (yeah I’m not a morning person but you got to do it).

I’m just glad to be over and to have time for myself, my hobbies, my series, yes!! first thing I’ve done once I got home was to download an episode of pretty little liars to watch, number 11, can’t believe it’s season finale, I’ve been watching it since day ONE, (who’s a fan here ? ) , I missed the end of The Vampire Diaries so I’m gonna catch up with it , and also to BLOG more, I love writing, taking picture, trying new things but I literally spend the last month whether passing exams, or preparing for it, so much pressure. not complaining though, pharmacy field was my first choice and I’m grateful to be a pharmacy student.

I’m intending to make the best of my summer break.

read more books, learn new things.



travel a bit more even just around my city to discover new places meet friends; I’ve been isolated these months, so I can’t wait to catch up with my girls!! also maybe lose some weight that I gained; stress makes me eat more.

Meet friends; I’ve been isolated these months, so I can’t wait to catch up with my besties!!


So yeah thought I’d share this delightful news and my plans with you, I hope you enjoyed it, thank you so much for reading, I wish you an amazing summer break.


See you in my next post.

Stay tuned. XO Manar


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