NOTE Matt Foundation: Top Or Flop

Hello; and Welcome or welcome back to my blog;

After watching The Vow for the hundred time probably, crying a bit to be honest, by the way, random question I hope you answer, what’s your favourite movie? the one you can watch over and over?

Anyway back to this post, I’ve talked before about the Brand Note, it’s always available in Algeria and I find the prices reasonable, you can check my review on their concealer here

Today I’m going to talk about the NOTE Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation, is it good? Top Or Flop? if you want to know, please keep on reading.

You can get it from Amazon here it’s 19.33 EUR  , here’s how it looks



I’m on shade 2 Natural Beige, I usually get it from shops around here so I don’t have to pay the shipping price which is ridiculously expensive to Algeria (always), I get it with 1350 DA


It supposedly provides all day long-lasting clear and matt coverage, it has Cedar Wood Oil and Spiraea Extract help balance the sebum level of your skin to prevent the formation of acne and pimples, it had SPF 15.



Well, first of all, let’s talk the packaging, it is good the fact that it has a pump is always a plus, you get about 35 ml which I think it’s a good quantity for the price, especially you don’t need much when you apply, it has 8 shades I think.


Is it full coverage? Yes, it is!! that’s what I love about it, in a bad skin day this will save your life, again this is for oily skin, I believe they have the same for dry skin (but I’m not 100% sure) , it applies easily, I find that applying it with a blender is better because you still have that full coverage but in a natural way, however, you do need to hydrate before application, my skin is combination and although I love this during summer, during winter if I don’t really use a good moisturizer it seems like it emphasizes the dry parts , best part is whenever I wear it I always get flattered about my skin and how it looks so good and asked about the foundation I’m using, which I enjoy of course.


One bad thing you have to touch up a bit, once you apply it, it does appear Matt , don’t know it is just me but after about 2 hours if exposed to sun, my skin starts to shine a bit, but it’s easy to fix with a paper handkerchief, just tap a bit and it’s gone, at least that’s what I do, so I don’t have to take with me a powder, I don’t have this problem during winter. It is long-lasting,  I’ve worn it for 8 h or more before, I mostly chose it for university because it looks good even after more than 6 H with of course some tapping with a tissue, I can’t really talk about how it balances the sebum level of the skin and prevent formation of acne and pimples, all I can say I never had breakouts or skin problems when using it, and I still do, but I didn’t see the effects of it balancing the sebum level.

So this is what I think about the Note foundation, overall I do like it, and will repurchase it when it’s over.

So, Are you familiar with this foundation? what do you think of it if you did use it before? also, I would love to know what foundation are you loving at the moment?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope it was helpful, also sorry the pictures look weird a bit, I had troubles with my camera I think it’s leaking light or something like that, If you know anything let me know. Until my next post, have a great day

Love you all, Manar.

PS: This is my honest and personal opinion.


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