Morphe 35W Palette

Hello everyone;

I hope you’re all doing well, today’s post is all about makeup.

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Morphe 35W eyeshadow palette, it’s been out for a long time, but finally, I got my hands on it, and it is so pretty.

It’s made of 35 of warm eyeshadows hence its name lol, it has beautiful colors, it’s 19.99$ in their website, I got it from an IG seller for 4000 Da, it’s been a while since I first showed it in my Instagram @secretly_beautymiss I got questions about it, and I promised a post about it, and finally the day has come (sorry I’m late), any here’s how it looks:


This Palette is perfect for anyone like me who like a warm, cooled toned eyeshadow look, it has different finishes and colours from everyday to evening colours, you can create with it whether a natural or dramatic dark look.


How is it? it’s easy to work it, easy to blend, I played around with it, I found the better way is to prime your eyelids first then start applying it.

it’s a large palette, you get 35 eyeshadows for about 20$, it’s a good deal, they are pigmented, smooth, blendable and really easy to use with minimal fall out from most shades, dark shades tend to fall more I noticed. Now quickly I want to dive into the Ingredients, These shadows have the main ingredient of TALC and MICA. A lot of people do not like their products to contain TALC or MICA as its a cheap mineral filler, but that’s why they are cheaper, also they are Cruelty-Free.


It comes in a simple packaging, no mirror, looks cheap but hey if it was fancy with a mirror than you have to pay more, plus is it only me or what? All the mirrors of my palettes don’t last long, please answer me!


sorry for the over lightning.


so yeah, overall, I love this one, perfect for making everyday to wedding looks, I even use the brown eyeshadows to fill my brows and the first row for a cheek highlighter.

Here are the swatches:



I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed reading.

Thank you for reading!


8 thoughts on “Morphe 35W Palette

  1. The palette is so pretty. I’m not very adventurous with eyeshadow looks but the lighter purple I definitely would wear and possibly the pink too. Fab post 😊 Xx

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