Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturising Mattifying Fluid

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I hope you are all doing well with this heat, I’m not able to move outside of my home these days!

An other Bioderma post! this is actually the second part, I’ve reviewed before the Bioderma Sebium Purifying Foaming Gel ( here )  so go read it to have an idea about the offer that got me that free so going back to today’s product which is the Moisturising Mattifying Fluid. First time I’ve tried this is when a pharmacy was offering free samples, I got 2 which had 5 ml each


I was interested in trying it more, it made my skin looks good. so I went back for the full size. you can get it here or from their website, it’s 11,50 £


It claims that It’ll regulate biological sebum secretion thanks to the synergic action of its sebo-regulating agents (zinc gluconate, vitamin B6) ( high mattifying power), it is recommended to be used whether with their Foaming gel which I reviewed in my previous post or their Sebium H2O which you can read about here



It has a light texture, very light!


it absorbs quickly, it does hide the oily spots on my face, it makes it so smooth and looking good, hydrated, it blends well with the foundation, I even got compliments when I used it, everybody said my skin is looking healthy and smooth, and it did it makes the foundation look flawless , the down side is that it doesn’t last, sadly; the Mat effect stays for few hours, about 3 – 4 h if you’re not exposed to the sun, if so it won’t last you 2h. For me this is a huge negative point, I’m out and about all day during University for more than 6 h and having to look Matte for only 3 H is not enough, especially for its price, it’s not mattifying but still works as a good day moisturizer, will I be repurchasing it? NO, I’m pretty sure that there are cheaper products that do the same thing. I’m a huge fan of the Bioderma Sebium products and few that I tried actually worked and suited my skin. This one not so much.



So this was kind of a FLOP, did you try it before? if so what do you think about it? if you have questions please let me know, I’ll be happy to help.


Thank you for reading, I have today free so make sure to comment your latest post, I’ll check them all! 🙂



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